icastGo Compatibility Checker for SPEAKER ENVIRONMENT

Network Requirements

icastGo is a cloud-based web and video application. Normally all ports are accessible, but some corporate firewalls or proxies might need need to whitelist some ports.

Firewall Ports Requirements

80, 443 (TCP) Outgoing Ports for HTTP and HTTPS
40000-49999 (UDP) Outgoing WebRTC ports for sending browser audio/video

Proxy Setup

We strongly recommend that the *.icastgo.com domains (and subdomains) be whitelisted in any relevant proxy servers. In particular, the application uses both long running HTTP requests (Sever Sent Events) and WebSockets that aggressive proxy filtering or caching could interfere with.

Browser Requirements for speakers

icastGo is supported in all browsers for participants attending the webcast.

Although the speakers will be joining a virtual meeting room (VMR) as a collaboration space. We strongly recommend using the following latest publicly-released version (i.e. "stable version" or "supported release") of browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 109 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 114 and later
  • Microsoft Edge version 114 and later
  • Opera version 99 and later
  • Apple Safari version 15.6 and later on macOS. Apple Safari on iOS 16.0 and later.
  • Browser Supported Unsupported

    Please consult the following tests:

    Audio/Video Test

    Network/Browser Test